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Our Manufacturing Strength

Every design starts with a seed of “thought”.
Gradually the “thought” process takes up a shape of “imagination”.
The “imagination” is nurtured with “learnings”. The “learnings” are “practiced”.
“Practice” happens with materials and “tools”.
For this evolution and the final outcome, the “tools and the hands” have to be perfect.
Needless to say we are equipped with both of them. They enable us to create objects which are not typecast across segments.

Every civilisation on the planet flourished solely because of one single reason – “It Produced” –  something or the other. The day they stopped producing, they perished. In today’s competitive world where outsourcing is the buzz word , we still make our own things. Hence we have complete control over the entire process- anytime and everytime.

Our 3 manufacturing facilities in Noida and Greater Noida together have a impressive shop floor area of 40000 sqft.

Our design and development wing is equipped with latest CAD/CAM, engineering and quantity optimisation softwares which give us an edge over our competitors.

We are equipped with almost every kind of machine and tool available on the block for almost any type of fabrication operation.

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