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Numobel Toys Building Block Vehicle series (for ages 3+) It can be dismantled and reassembled into a vehicle shape which can be pushed by hands on any surface. Each block is made of wood that is quite sturdy. Each block is big enough so that there is no swallowing or choking hazard to your child. The toys blocks are finished in saliva safe eco friendly organic colors and paint. The assembly of wooden blocks into a recognisable vehicle shape helps in developing the imaginative cortex of your child's brain. Accurately matching the holes and dowels enhances the motor skills of the child. Handmade with love by Numobel in INDIA

Nutoy-Building Block-Vehicle-School Bus

מק"ט: NTBBV4
כולל מע״מ
נותרו רק 5 במלאי
  • Type Toys on Wheels
    Age Group 2 yrs onwards


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