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Numobel Toys Folding fan push pull car is a versatile toy for your child. The toy can be pushed or pulled. While pulling, the back movement of the toy imitates the movement of a caterpillar sparking the brain neurons of the child. While pushing, the child will have to fold and clutch the back together which helps in developing the motor skills. Available in 2 non toxic saliva safe colors- Pastel pink and Pastel Violet with no sharp edges, plastic or metal component. Handmade with love by Numobel in INDIA

Nutoy-On Wheels-Folded-Car-Violet

وحدة SKU: NTWWH3.2
ضريبة شاملة
لا يتبقى في المخزون سوى 5
  • Type Toys on Wheels
    Age Group 2 yrs onwards


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