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The stacking bows are shaped like a heart. It is a wooden toy, but it is also a wonderful decoration. There are five heart-shaped arches in total, each with a different 'skin tone'. The arches can be stacked in many different ways.

The toys for children from the age of 2 year are handmade and painted with water based paint. Safe and eco-friendly!

5 piece stacking heart shaped arches made from solid wood and dyed with non-toxic watercolours. 
Great for creative, enthusiastic independent play. Natural colors do not overload visually, and the texture of wood and details of different sizes are useful for motor skills.  

Stack the components on top of each other for balance
Learn the concepts of "more or less", colors, learn to count

The toys are not heavy, but, unlike plastic toys, they are not empty inside and fit very nicely in the hand. It is easy to build from parts - they do not slip or slide out.

Natural materials and gentle manufacturing
Water-based paints are safe for health and the environment, do not peel off and do not hide the texture of wood.
Suitable for age group 2 yrs to 6 yrs.
Convenient size 16 × 11 × 4 cm. Take with you on your trip!
Will decorate the children's room
Fall in love with the natural world

In all Numobel products handmade from natural wood, user must expect slight variations in terms of color, grain, and markings. These are not defects but are unique indications that serve as proof of their natural origin. We strongly believe that marks and knots on toys are like moles on human bodies. They are signs of life and that it is what makes our toys so special and unique.
Handmade in India by Numobel.


מק"ט: NTST06
כולל מע״מ
  • MOQ 1 pc
    For Businesses Contact us for large quantity prices.
    Product Type Wooden Stacker
    Manufacturer Recommended Age for User 2 years +
    No of Players 1 or more
    Assembly Required No
    Battery Required No
    Battery Included No
    Country of Origin India
    Manufacturer Numobel
    Brand Nutoy
    What is Included in Box

    1. Multicolored wooden arches in heart shape - 5 nos


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