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Sun arch stacker
Bright solar Arcs - for bright creative play. This is the very case when you only need to direct the child's fantasy in the right direction and then he will play completely independently.

Arcs of the Sun can be used as the first pyramid, as a building material for the construction of bridges, towers, tunnels, caves for toy animals, or a fancy home for rainbow gnomes. Study with their help the shades and concepts of "more-less", learn to count. You can make the game of Solar Arcs a part of a sleepy ritual, because it does not overload visually, soothes and gives rise to a conversation about the change of day and night.

All the elements are large, with a “velvety” wooden texture - even a kid can put them one on top of the other and will be delighted with his success!

It also makes the parent feel like a wizard! Have you ever given the sun? Imagine hiding him behind his back and asking the child if he wants you to get him his own sun. Gather all natural collection: Arc Mountains , arc-cloud and arc-sunset to arrange even more useful and fun games.  

Toy chips:
Made from solid Pine and Poplar woods
Convenient size 13 × 7 × 4 cm
Matches perfectly with our other toys
So beautiful and symbolic that would be the perfect gift!

In all Numobel products handmade from natural wood, user must expect slight variations in terms of color, grain, and markings. These are not defects but are unique indications that serve as proof of their natural origin. We strongly believe that marks and knots on toys are like moles on human bodies. They are signs of life and that it is what makes our toys so special and unique.

Handmade in INDIA by Numobel.


وحدة SKU: NTST13
ضريبة شاملة
  • MOQ 1 pc
    For Businesses Contact us for large quantity prices.
    Product Type Wooden Stacker
    Manufacturer Recommended Age for User 2 years +
    No of Players 1 or more
    Assembly Required No
    Battery Required No
    Battery Included No
    Country of Origin India
    Manufacturer Numobel
    Brand Nutoy
    What is Included in Box

    1. Multicolored wooden arches in sunrays shape - 5 nos


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