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A game must show a good example. Fruits and vegetables look beautiful in a children's room, they form the basis of a child’s attitude to food from his early years. Playing with fruits and vegetables expands horizons and vocabulary. It is quite possible that at lunch a child will ask for an asparagus, avocado or an eggplant lying on a plate, because he or she has already played with them and knows that fruits and vegetables are fun and pleasant. Great for pretend, open ended play, a must-have veggie set for your little's one play kitchen. Handmade with love by Numobel in INDIA

Nutoy-Waldorf-Pretend Play-Fruit Set

ΦΠΑ Περιλαμβάνεται
Μόνο 5 σε απόθεμα
  • Type Toys on Wheels
    Age Group 2 yrs onwards


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